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This comfortable and stable boutique vessel offers good facilities for serious divers and photographers. A variety of good food served in copious amounts. Excellent photography set-up facilities. Nitrox available


  • 8 Nights, 28 dives
  • Languages spoken English
  • MV Febrina is one of the few liveaboards cruising in Papua New Guinea
  • Dive in the undiscovered waters of south coast of New Britain
  • Go 'up river' and dive in the fresh water 'blue hole'
  • Wreck dives - war wreckage including Japanese jungle tanks and aeroplanes
  • Unusual critters - mimic octopus, spanish dancers, pygmy seahorses, exotic shrimp
  • Large pelagics - manta rays, hammerheads, schools of barracudas
  • See lush marine life - unblemished by time and humans
  • Large gorgonian fans, red sea whips and elephant ear sponges, colourful crinoids
  • Complimentary glass of wine with dinner
  • Admire the view of islands and local people's daily lives from the deck
  • Underwater photographers especially catered for


  • Dives from dhoni
  • Tanks With Int (Yoke) Valves Tanks With Din Valves Nitrox ($) Rental Equipment ($)
  • Camera Room Spacious Dive Deck
  • Snorkelling Kayaking Land Excursions
  • Air-Conditioning Lounge/TV Area US Power Sockets Movies
  • Buffet - Full board, including water, tea, coffee, snacks between meals and after dives, one glass of wine with dinner
  • Alcohol -  soft drinks, local beer and wine can be purchased on board
  • Payments on board - Visa Mastercard Amex Cash
  • Fire Alarm. Life Jackets. Life Rafts
  • Emergency Oxygen Kit. Emergency Positioning Radio Beacon
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MV FeBrina was purchased by her current owners, Max Benjamin and Alan Raabe, in 1991.  At the time, FeBrina was a fishing and diving charter vessel operating out of Gladstone, Australia. Prior to delivering the boat from Australia to Papua New Guinea, the boat was totally refurbished to cater especially for Divers and Underwater Photographers, with many further upgrades since then.

MV FeBrina is 73 feet of liveaboard comfort and convenience. She is an older, traditional style vessel, a very stable and extremely seaworthy motor boat, well set out and catering for serious Divers and Photographers who want a total PNG dive experience. 

Built with a steel hull and steel/aluminium superstructure, MV Febrina's classic design and below deck cabins makes for a comfortable journey. Fitted with all modern navigational and safety equipment, large water and fuel tanks, individual air-conditioning to all areas of the vessel and water level duckboard, MV FeBrina is a perfect platform to explore the waters of Papua New Guinea.


MV FeBrina has three decks where you will find you own space to contemplate the next dive or just catch the rays. The Lower Deck houses the guest accommodation and engine room. The Main Deck is where you will find the Saloon and Galley, the Dive Deck, Dive Platform and Sundeck. The wheelhouse, laundry and crew quarters are located on the Upper Deck.


Guests will enjoy a variety of cuisine on board, from a continental breakfast served from 5.30am to a beautiful sit-down dinner served after the night dive. The attentive crew of the MV FeBrina are on hand to assist to any requests.


MV FeBrina has accommodation for 12 passengers in 7 air-conditioned cabins. All cabins are situated on the Lower Deck, with access by traditional boat style ladder stairs. Cabin styles are Twin (2 beds), Double (1 bed) and 2 Single cabins.  All have been custom built to make maximum use of space available.


PNG, as it is often known, is made up of more than 600 volcanic, jungle-clad islands and scattered coral-fringed atolls amid the crystal waters of The Coral Triangle. Famed as a marine biodiversity hotspot, this area of the western Pacific Ocean is home to six of the world's seven marine turtle species, more than 2,000 species of colourful reef fish and an astounding number of vibrant corals.

Sailing from Walindi, or Rabaul Harbor, some of our liveaboards will take you to the unique dive sites scattered around New Britain Island. Dive cruises along the northern coast take in some of the incredible dive sites of Kimbe Bay, Witu Islands and Father's Reefs in search of tropical fish and tiny invertebrates in the coral gardens set among the black volcanic sand, or to swim with the likes of barracudas, and silvertip and grey reef sharks circling the seamounts that dramatically rise almost to the surface out of the ocean depths. On most days you are likely to be the only divers around.

Papua New Guinea diving is considered by many as a true underwater photographer's paradise, and liveaboards give divers the opportunity to check out a wonderful taster of remote reefs, coral walls, deep seamounts, and a variety of WWII wreck sites in comfort and safety.


A total of 4 twin cabins. 2 cabins have a double bed and a bunk bed, and 2 cabins have 2 bunk beds. All have been custom built to make maximum use of space available. Air conditioning units are all individual split system units, controlled from your cabin. Each cabin has a plentiful supply of towels, with used towels being collected daily for laundering.

  • Size:  -
  • Beds:  2 Twin
  • Max occupancy:  2
  • Shareable:  Yes
  • Private bathroom:  Yes
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes



2 single cabins. All have been custom built to make maximum use of space available. Air conditioning units are all individual split system units, controlled from your cabin. Each cabin has a plentiful supply of towels, with used towels being collected daily for laundering.

  • Size:  -
  • Beds:  1 Single
  • Max occupancy:  1
  • Shareable:  No
  • Private bathroom:  Yes
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes



Double cabins with 1 double bed. Air conditioning units are all individual split system units, controlled from your cabin. Each cabin has a plentiful supply of towels, with used towels being collected daily for laundering. All have been custom built to make maximum use of space available.

  • Size:  -
  • Beds:  1 Double
  • Max occupancy:  2
  • Shareable:  No
  • Private bathroom:  Yes
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes


  • The trip begins in Walindi Plantation Resort and ends in Walindi Plantation Resort
  • The closest airport is Hoskins Kimbe Airport (HKN)
  • You will need to take a domestic flight to Kimbe Airport (HKN).


  • You will be collected by the Walindi shuttle bus at the airport or your local hotel
  • You can check in on the boat as of 15:00
  • The boat departs Walindi Plantation Resort at around 18:00 on the same day
  • The vessel is equipped with US power sockets
  • Accepted payment methods on board: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Cash (USD), Cash (EUR), Cash, Local currency
  • Towels and soap are included


  • Your last dives will be on the second to last day in the morning
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you respect the 24 hour no-fly time after your last dive!
  • The boat docks back in Walindi Plantation Resort in the evening on the second to last day
  • Check out and disembarkation is around 09:00 on the last day.
  • On the last evening the boat will stay at the jetty of Walindi Resort where you can take advantage of the resort facilities
  • You will need to take a domestic flight to go back to the International Airport Hoskins airport


  • Rental gear needs to be ordered at least 3 months in advance
  • Very limited amounts of DIN adapters on board - if you require a DIN adapter, please notify at least 3 months in advance


  • 8 nights
  • 28 dives approx.
  • Open Water Certification required.
  • Boutique Liveaboard dive vessel with a unique diving experience in the bountiful waters of West New Britain.
  • Refurbished to cater especially divers and underwater photographers
  • Appreciate what is one of the most diverse and healthy ecosystems on the planet.
  • Large gorgonian fans, red sea whips and elephant ear sponges, everything adorned with colorful crinoids 
  • Pelagic fish species: Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda, Bigeye Trevally, Scalloped Hammerheads and Grey Reef Sharks 
  • Expert dive guides on board
  • We can offer many different types of diving in the one voyage.



  • Safety Briefing, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing the Harbour.
  • During the journey to our first dive site for a check dive, please take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable. 
  • Please Note: This is a sample itinerary and nº of dives, dive sites, etc. may be subject to change due to weather conditions and other unforeseeable factors


  • A typical day would be an early dive before breakfast at around 6:00am (a light continental breakfast is available from 5am).
  • Then divers would be able to have a hot cooked breakfast during their surface interval before being back in the water around 8:30/9:00am.
  • Morning tea is served when divers come up and then a third dive would be offered prior to lunch.
  • After lunch the boat would usually steam to a new location while divers rest until around roughly 3:00pm when another dive would likely be scheduled.
  • A night dive around 6:00pm is then offered on nights when the boat doesn’t need to re-locate.


  • Continental breakfast is served for guests disembarking prior to 7am
  • A hot breakfast is served for guests
  • Disembarking between 7am and 9am


  • FeBrina's Signature Itinerary covers three areas of diving on the Northern Coast of New Britain Island. Working out of Walindi Resort in our best weather months, FeBrina visits the "must dive" sites in Kimbe Bay, at Witu Islands and also the Fathers Reefs area. 
  • With an eight to ten hour steam between all three areas, you will be truly "getting away from it all" on a Signature Itinerary departure. Very rarely will you see another diver on a reef while at Witu islands or Fathers Reefs, other than your fellow FeBrina guests.
  • This itinerary gives a fantastic cross section of many different dive types, from coral gardens, sea mounts, reef walls, arches and overhanging ledges, to muck diving in rubbly black sand bays, watching from the water as dolphins play in the FeBrina bow wave or interacting with the ever curious turtles.

Witu Islands

  • Witu Islands are a group of islands, volcanic in origin, situated to the north west of Kimbe Bay. The diving is a mixture of sea mounts rising from deep waters to within metres of the surface (such as Lama shoals), beautiful coral arches and great night dives in the black sand bays of the islands. Lots of interaction with the locals trading fresh fruit and veg out of their canoes too.

Kimbe Bay

  • Kimbe Bay is home to some of the healthiest coral, as well as some of the largest diversion of both coral and fish anywhere on the planet. 
  • We have listed some of the more interesting fish and critters that have been seen at the sites listed, but of course there are no guarantees that you will see them on every dive. 
  • What we can guarantee however, is that you will see vastly more than can ever be described in the brief overviews given here. 
  • Take your time and dive carefully, and you will be able to better appreciate what is one of the most diverse and healthy ecosystems on the planet.
  • Dense stands of Red Sea Whips give Susan's Reef a unique aesthetic quality that sets it apart from other Walindi reefs. A stunning collection of corals particularly rich include large gorgonian fans, red sea whips and elephant ear sponges, everything adorned with colorful crinoids - a delight to all who dive here.
  • Inglis Shoal rises from very deep water to the surface and is very rich in fish life. Pelagic fish species: Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda and Bigeye Trevally.  Scalloped Hammerheads and Grey Reef Sharks are sometimes seen.
  • Christine's Reef is a collection of reefs joined by underwater ridges to form a large horseshoe shape complex.  A photographer's paradise, Chirstine's features a beautiful collection of extremely large barrel sponges, many different gorgonian fan corals and red whip gorgonians.  As with all Walindi reefs, reef associated fishes are abundant and diverse.
  • This large reef, being isolated from any other reef or land mass, is entirely different to any other Walindi dive sites. On days when the current is creating swirl, schools of barracuda, trevally, sea perch, fusilier, unicorn fish and surgeon fish mix with a variety of shark species and tuna, resulting in plenty of exciting action.
  • Hanging gardens site is situated along a sheer vertical wall. Along the wall are numerous ledges and overhangs and the site is named for the many tangles of rope sponge hanging down along the face of the wall. An excellent choice for a night dive when many of the  nocturnal animals that hide in the caves and crevices come out to forage.

Fathers Reefs

  • Submerged remnants of a massive, extinct volcanic crater rises from the depths of the Pacific ocean to reach up just below the surface.
  • Remarkable coral-rich landscape complete with arches and swim throughs.
  • Barracuda, Turtles, Shark, and Rays come to feed from the abundant reef species present here
  • Thanks to the volcanic origins of these reefs, some sites offer unique topographies including lava tubes and caves hidden amongst the coral reefs.
  • We can spot Batfish, Dolphins and Turtles, while in the shallow corals unusual form of Frogfish, Crocodilefish and elaborate Nudibranchs.
  • Kilibob's Knob with several plateaus that stair-step down into the deep blue, inhabited by various species of local sharks. Big-eye Trevally swirl in an amazingly coordinated whirling school of silver.
  • Diving Alice's Magnificent Mound will never disappoint with a sloping plateau, dropping from 12 meters (40 feet) into the deep with the appearance of an aquarium and excellent visibility.
  • Shaggy Ridge, offers an up close and personal experience with Father's Reefs Silvertip sharks and Grey Reef sharks.
  • Father's Arch is surrounded by schooling fish, the arch itself is covered in gorgonians and soft corals, a keen eye may be rewarded by a sighting of a fascinating, miniscule Pygmy seahorse, with its tails wrapped tightly around a sea fan.


  • Full board, including water, tea, coffee, snacks between meals and after dives, one glass of wine with dinner
  • Dive guides
  • Airport and local hotel transfer to/from the boat at departure days
  • Final night dinner at Walindi Resort or on board depending on itinerary


  • Environmental & Safety Fees (payable in advance with final balance – currently) (9 USD per day)
  • GST of additional 10% will apply to (to any charges paid on board per trip)
  • Domestic flights
  • Nitrox (270 USD per trip)
  • Tips for the crew (recommended)
  • Rental equipment full set 77 USD per day
  • Soft drinks, local beer & wine, alcohol


What if I need to cancel my booking?

Your reservation request is obligation free and you can cancel anytime within the first 72 hours. During this time you can easily find matching flights and get answers from our reservations team to any further questions you may have. After you have confirmed and paid for your reservation, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • 30 % non refundable
  • Between 120 days and 90 days before trip = 70 % refundable
  • Less than 90 days before trip = no refund

In case of cancellation the refund will be transferred to your bank account, credit card or paypal account within 10 business days


  • Make sure you meet the country's requirements corresponding to your nationality
  • Make sure your passport is valid at least six months after the date you plan to visit the country
  • Diving insurance is mandatory for divers of ages on all of our trips: bring your certificate as proof
  • It is strongly recommended to have travel insurance that is appropriate for the type of diving holidays you are going to do
  • Check the electrical standards (such as which plugs are used) in your destination country before traveling and bring the appropriate adapter if necessary.
  • The itinerary and the number of dives are indicative and are subject to weather conditions and conditions: safety is always first
  • All divers must provide their diving certification card
  • Diving computers are compulsory
  • Local rates, fuel surcharges, distance rates, port fees, etc. may change without notice due to changes in government policy, changes in the price of oil, etc. The changes are beyond our control and the increases must be paid if the boat requests them. We will endeavor to inform you of any changes as soon as possible. A change in these rates does not entitle you to cancel the trip.

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