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Dive package in Aliwal Shoal, white shark, marine lions in Cape Town and African safari in St Lucia National Park. Meet the best shark diving and one of South Africa's most emblematic national parks with Diego Sanchez.


  • This trip is a combination of the best diving in Aliwal Shoal, Cape Town and an African safari in St Lucia National Park.
  • 14-day trip with Diego Sanchez to the best of South Africa
  • Small group of 8 divers
  • Program of 10 dives including 1 day of shark diving and bait in Aliwal Shoal with Blue Ocean Dive Resort.
  • Nitrox course available
  • 2 days 2 hours Shark Seminar by Diego Sanchez 
  • 3 days diving in Cape Town, white shark in cage, blue shark, Makko, kelp forest and sea lions.
  • 2 days/2 nights Wildlife Safari in Santa Lucía National Park
  • Private transportation for the group, Diego will drive the van
  • Other activities in the program waterfalls, safari crocodiles and hippos, visit Cabo Esperanza

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Blue Ocean Dive Resort is the leading dive operator at Aliwal Shoal, you are assured of the best service. Located on beautiful grounds with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and the Umkomaas golf course, we are the only operator to have a Lodge, an ocean-view restaurant and bar, and a dive center, all conveniently located in the same facility. Built in 1934, this grand old hotel is a colonial-style icon of Umkomaas and the southern coast of Kwazulu-Natal.

As always, we focus on comfort, convenience and value to make your getaway as pleasant as possible. From the moment we pick you up at the airport until we drop you off again, we want this to be your happy place. A home away from home where you can escape the city, let your hair down and maybe jump on a few dives. We are a family of divers ready to surprise you! You'll have a lot of fun when we have our braai (barbecue) afternoons sitting around the campfire having a relaxing drink, showing some awesome pictures and chatting about that day's diving. We had a lot of fun going down to the local fish restaurant on the beach for our Shrimp/Seafood Dinner. We love what we do, we have as much fun as you do, so you'll have a great time.

Due to the amount of accommodation we have available, we do NOT charge a single supplement. This means that you are NOT penalized for traveling alone! Our facilities allow us to accommodate large groups of up to 24 people (we have 3 boats, 8 per boat, but we can rent a room if necessary for groups of 32 people) and our Dive Lodge can accommodate up to 54 people.


The safari included in the package includes: 2 nights accommodation in a shared apartment in St. Lucia Lake, accommodation only, transfers, safari on the Umfolizi reserve with breakfast and lunch on the same day.


5 nights accommodation in shared apartment in St. Lucia Lake, accommodation only, transfers, safari on the reserve Umfolizi with breakfast and lunch that same


Our dives and dive packages are customizable to your time and adapt to your diving addiction!

Whether it's a weekend getaway to escape the rat race or a long vacation to explore the wonders of Aliwal Shoal, you can be sure that the 5-star Blue Ocean Dive Resort will not disappoint you. We are a family of divers ready to surprise you! We are the only operator with a Lodge, an ocean view restaurant, a bar and a dive center, all conveniently located in the same facility and we pride ourselves in being able to make all of our guests feel at home and relax and, of course, have an unforgettable diving experience.

Dives are generally done in the mornings to take advantage of the best sea conditions. Coffee and breakfast are served in our restaurant. We use rubber ducks (zodiacs/ribs) with a maximum of 8 divers, a dive master and a boat skipper to access the Aliwal Shoal dive sites. The exit to the sea is about 7 km from the mouth of the river Mkomazi, which takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Aliwal Shoal forms the crown of a Marine Protected Area, which means that no form of fishing is allowed at the dive sites. Divers are not allowed to touch the reef, any of the animals or remove anything other than shark teeth from the sand.

Reef / Wreck Diving

Aliwal Shoal is on the list of Jacques Cousteau's top 10 dive sites to dive in the world. The beauty of Aliwal Shoal is that it caters to all skill levels. The reefs are alive with a diversity of marine life that you would travel to multiple destinations around the world to see. Being a Marine Protected Area makes life flourish absolutely. Our Wrecks, The MV Produce and SS Nebo are suitable for advanced qualified divers because their depths are less than 18 meters.

 Shark Diving bait  no cage

Highly misunderstood, misrepresented, and falsely accused, these apex predators offer you the mind-boggling, unmissable experience of a lifetime. The bait dive takes place in the crown area of Aliwal Shoal and attracts up to 40 black-tip pelagic sharks all year round. A summer guest appearance of the always shy and elusive tiger shark causes visitors to flow into Aliwal. Face your fear, come dive with shark bait and you will be speechless and afraid. There are no words to describe the euphoria of a dive with these magnificent creatures from the shores of Umkomaas.

Shark snorkel bait  

A revealing experience of being on the surface in the presence of these incredible pelagic creatures. Our snorkeling experiences with sharks are a sure way to dispel the "jaw syndrome" and myths surrounding our misunderstood species.


Experience the grace and magnificence of one of nature's most fearsome predators.

Enjoy 3 hours at sea learning about sharks and marine life from a shark expert.

Once anchored, sharks are attracted by a line of bait to the cage. Watching from the deck of the boat is almost as exciting as getting into the cage for an unforgettable close encounter. Approximately 3 hours at sea allows more than one dive. The cage takes 4 or 5 people at a time on a rotating basis. There are drinks and snacks on board to enjoy while you warm up on the terrace, before having another underwater encounter with these impressive apex predators. No diving experience is required for this surface cage dive, it's as easy as holding your breath.

Cape Town, Its waters have warmer temperatures than those on the side of the Atlantic coast, making its abundant places pleasant for diving, the places vary greatly in the composition of the bottom and fauna, and while the western area is characterized by the rocky terrain of its cliffs, in the easternmost the bottoms are sandy, but on both sides of the bay we will find dense and beautiful forests of seaweed housing a large number of species of marine, sea lions, blue sharks and Makko, penguins. The colors of corals and marine plants such as kelpps are truly amazing.

  • 11:00h (local time). Arrival in Johannesburg, at destination we have to pick up the suitcases to identify them and check them into the following airline (this has to be done due to the local laws of entry into the country).
  • 15:40h Flight to DURBAN where we will arrive on the
  • 16:50h approx. Once in Durban we will have a rental car of 8 seats, driven by Diego Sanchez, with which we will go directly to Umkomaas, place where is the diving center, Blue Ocean.

Day 9 to Cape Town

  • 09:30h Check out and transfer to Durban
  • 14:40h Flight to Cape Town
  • 16:50h Arrival in Cape Town and transfer to Simonstown
  • 19:00h Check in at hotel and free afternoon

  • 20 spacious newly-renovated rooms – twin rooms, family rooms, double rooms and single rooms – all en-suite
  • onsite restaurant and bar



  • one-stop shop for dive enthusiasts including gear retail and rental
  • pet-friendly establishment (prior to arrangement)
  • we can arrange a number of land-based activities for you including safari, horse-back riding and nature walks
  • Car rental through our partner company First Car Rental
  • buffet breakfast on weekends
  • renowned wood fire pizza every day
  • 24/7 security and onsite parking
  • complimentary Wi-Fi
  • sun deck
  • swimming pool



      Day 1

      • Departure from Madrid towards Johannesburg. T4 Barajas (Important to be at least 2 hours before)

      - Day 2:

      • 11:00h arrival in Johannesburg
      • 15:40h Flight to Durban
      • 16:50h Arrival in Durban, here we will have a rental car for 8 people, driven by me, with which we will go directly to Umkomaas, where the diving center is located.
      • 19:00h Check in and distribution of rooms

      - Day 3:

      • 07:00h - 11:00h Double dive (Reef and Raggies Sharks)
      • 18:00h - 20:00h Optional shark seminar.

      - Day 4:

      • 07:00h - 11:00h Double dive (Reef and Sharks raggies)
      • 18:00h. Shark seminar.

      - Day 5:

      • 07:00h - 11:00h Double dive (wreck and reef)
      • 14:00h Free afternoon. Optional at no additional cost, visit of Durban.

      - Day 6:

      • 07:00h - 11:00h Double dive (raggies shark and oceanic black tip shark)
      • Free afternoon

      - Day 7:

      • 10:00 Check out and transfer to St Lucia
      • 13:00h Check in St Lucia
      • 15:00h - 17:00h Cruise hippos and crocodiles. OPTIONAL
      • Free afternoon

      - Day 8:

      • 04:30 - 14:30h "Big five" Safari
      • Free afternoon

      - Day 9:

      • 09:30h Check out and transfer to Durban
      • 14:40h Flight to Cape Town
      • 16:50h Arrival in Cape Town and transfer to Simonstown
      • 19:00h Check in at hotel and free afternoon.

      - Day 10:

      • 04:00h Immersion White shark in cage.
      • 15:00h Visit to the penguin bay.

      - Day 11:

        • 08:00h Double dive, Kelp forests and sea lions.
        • Free afternoon

        - Day 12:

        • 08:00h Immersion with blue shark and mako.
        • Afternoon free..:

        - Day 13:

        • 10:00h Visit to Cabo Buena Esperanza.

        - Day 14:

        • 11:00h Check out and transfer to Cape Town airport.
        • 14:35h Flight to Johannesburg.
        • 16:35 Arrival to Johannesburg.
        • 20:35h Flight to Madrid (Arrival to Madrid on day 1 at 06:05h)


        • Diving equipment not included extra charge per day 25€.
        • NITROX extra charge for immersion of 5€.
        • Courses and PADI certification fee NITROX course, NOT included. (120€)
        • PADI certification fee shark course, INCLUDED.
        • Extra charge of 5€ per dive for 15 litre bottles.
        • Dive with bait extra charge of 50€ (in the package includes a dive with bait)
        • Private accommodation (double room for single use) in St Lucia extra charge per night 30€, in Cape Town extra charge per night 45€.
        • The safari included in the package includes: 2 nights accommodation in a shared apartment in St. Lucia Lake, accommodation only, transfers, safari on the Umfolizi reserve with breakfast and lunch on the same day.
        • COMPLETE ENSION during the stay in Umkomaas, drinks not included. (one dish per meal to choose from the menu).
        • Bed and breakfast in Cape Town.
        • Only accommodation in St Lucia.
        • If there are no changes, each diver will have a private double room at no extra charge for the stay at Blue Ocean, Umkomaas.
        • There are no refunds for unrealized dives.

        Cancelation policy

        • Once the total payment has been made, no refunds will be accepted.


        • Climate: water temperature between 19 and 23 degrees and visibility 20m. approx.
        • Outdoor temperature between 22 and 28 degrees approx.
        • Documentation: passport (6 months validity), diving certificate, diving insurance and book of dives.
        • Cash: No need to carry cash, there the currency is the RAND (15 Rand / 1
        • euro) can be easily withdrawn from ATMs and paid for with a card at the hotel and/or establishments.
        • Clothes and neoprenos: Summer clothes and maybe some jersey for the night, neopreno of 5mm will be enough.
        • The dives are made from boat, with skipper, guide, bottle and lead provided by the local diving center.
        • Plugs: 220v with three-point circular adapter, there also have adapters, but carry some just in case.
        • The bottles are made of 12 litre steel, with DIN system, if someone has an international adapter.
        • Payment of the reservation required to confirm the place. 50%
        • Payment for the remainder of the trip must be made to the account provided 30 days prior to the departure date.
        • The price of the package is 2345 € + flights (the flights will be bought by each diver being the responsibility of the diver the choice of his own flight).

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